Now, on with the images!  For reference, Kaleb has a '93 Nissan Maxima, with 99% of all mods available.

A nice side angle picture of my Cressida.
How we save money on boxes where I work (hehe)
Kaleb's car and my car on lifts in the shop
Front strut and spring
Rear wheelwell
Rear wheelwell - spring and shock

Muffler tip, tow tab
One dirty Cressida!  Underbelly shot.
Differential - Angle shot
My rear seats in the warehouse
Interior shot without rear seats.  Look at all the junk that fell through over 12 years!
Another view
Outside side angle shot after hours of washing and detailing
Same day, right rear upper...
Ooo that's shiny chrome
What did I just say?
So clean you could eat off of it.  But that would just make it dirty again :)
Random rice
Brian's cool 200SX SE-R with a 70 something shot of NOS.
Kaleb getting ready to pull off old stock crank pulley and put on Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulley ON HIS MAXIMA
Me with my dash apart.  Lousy Jensen speaker shown. 
Kaleb's VG30E without a crank pulley - on his MAXIMA
The 'key' (MAXIMA)
Closeup of timing belt on crankshaft gear... fairly good shape.  Don't know where all that oil came from though. This is on his MAXIMA
Thrust washer and key in place - MAXIMA
My dash back on.  I need to dremel out some of that metal so more sound gets through, you think?
Kaleb's brand new underdrive pulley.  Very first one ever installed on a VG30E. ON HIS MAXIMA
Yuck... two-tone Honda..
New Lexus IS-300 like tail lamps on an Accord.  Look pretty nice. 
Same, brake lights on.
Passing by...
My Philips Xenon HID kit!  (Which has since been sold)
Xenon lamps
Bad close up
Little better close up...
See where the bubble is?  That's where the xenon is and the two electrodes that make the arc are... duh.. :)
Stock lights on
Stock again, no flash
More stock
Stock beam on road, barely visible.  Get ready to see the difference :)
HID light on, not installed in lamp, just resting on something.  (also I don't have a hood insulator in this pic but have a brand new one now)
In the beginning, there was no light.
Warming up - only a couple hundred milliseconds after switching on lamps.
Peak light output
Lamps warmed up.  Notice crap beam pattern... sniff sniff.. :-(
Inside the magic - HID ballast open
Another shot
Another shot...
Other side - circuit etches
1 of 3 cats on 1 of 3 monitors..   Ignore the mess.
The day the ice took over everything
Another shot
That's a cold Cressida!
The next few pictures are from DYNO DAY at Maxus 2000.
A MKIV Supra that showed up.  Schweet...
The other side
Random Maxima on (used) (crap) dynojet.
Oh my gosh!!! It's Andi's Supra! 
Awww baby... I think I'm getting sexually aroused
Just look at that ass hehe
Some guy's MR2.    Nice!
Maxima's everywhere!!  Aaahhhh!!!
Kaleb on the Dyno.  His headlamps were dirty so he wrote 'dyno master' on them with his finger.  See the guy on the right?  He is the guy who is running the dynojet.  He's the one who claimed that the tach reading on a 4th gen Max was not showing up because the fuel tank was low.  He's also the reason I didn't waste my $45 to dyno my car that day.  What an idiot..
Changing out a y-pipe
Lauren's CRX and new Miata with custom roll bar.  This guy's also got a supercharged 4th gen Maxima.  Fast and awesome.
Picture of a Sunset I took while driving my Cressida back from Louisiana one day.
Pic 2 of Sunset 
Hitting 123,456.7 miles
Y2K.  Kaleb and I laughed at the way people were reacting months before Jan. 1st 2000, and December 31st we decided to play around with a little satire and put this on my car.

Ever wanted to know what a (dirty) 1988 Toyota Cressida looks like from underneath?  Probably not, but I took all these pictures nonetheless :-)
All these pictures taken on 1-18-2001
Exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor...

Oxygen sensor, oil filter, motor mount, alternator in background
Exhaust manifold again, oil filter again, O2 sensor again, just another shot....
Zooming out...
Out some more, lots visible in this one
Now, on to the scrolling shots - I placed the camera on a shop towel on the ground and took a picture.  Then moved the camera about 2 feet and took another picture.  And another... you get the idea, it's just the whole car.  Sorry it's not aligned well...
Gas tank, muffler, differential, shock, spring, wheels, etc...
Rear shock and spring.  Also visible is the sway bar inlink and bushings
Rear control arm, exhaust piping, a bit of the propeller shaft, differential, drive shafts, parking brake cable...
Same thing, different angle
Transmission fluid pan, output of transmission, propeller shaft, catalytic converter.
This pic is on the intake (left) part of the motor.  You can see the fuel filter, lots of hoses, my amp wire and fuse, and a small part of the compressor.
A Pirelli P400 tire tread with many miles on it.
A Phantom tire (Discount tire brand.. ugh) tread with the inner part worn severely.  What the heck? I had it aligned right after I got them and again five months later.

Center Dash Console Removal (for stereo, cigarette lighter, etc)
Start off with a (somewhat) clean Cressida ;-)
Pull the bottom of the defroster button out, then remove the button
Different angle
Using a Special Service Tool (screwdriver) carefully pull out one side of the trim
Now it should look something like this
Now do the other side. Carefully!
Pull out the trim and this is what you are left with
Unscrew the 4 screws. They are circled in red in the pic
Remove the whole trim piece (carefully!)
This pic the top part of the trim is pulled out, looking down
Side picture of wiring to cigarette lighter
Angle view of wiring to cigarette lighter
Bottom view (trim turned over) of wiring to cigarette lighter

Heater water valve - engine bay pic
Heater water valve - close up

How to change spark plugs or do a compression test :-)
Today was rainy so I thought I would just work on the car for a while.
Remove your spark plug wires. Grab them by the boot, not the wire itself.
A picture looking down into the combustion chambers (trying to)
Another picture of spark plug holes for cylinders 1 & 2
This picture and the next are kinda cool. Can you guess what you are looking at?
You are looking down the cam towers of the 5MGE inline 6. The camera is positioned just behind cyl. 1
Random picture of motor
The small vacuum hose that is disconnected in this picture is the one I used to suck in the water to try to get rid of my bad carbon deposits. Did it work? Yeah, some. Plus it made several really cool clouds of steam out the exhaust pipe :)
Ok, back to the task at hand. Start by using a 12 MM socket and remove the four bolts that hold down the throttle linkage
Here is the exhaust side. See the bolts are gone
Now lift up the trottle stuff so you can access cylinders 4, 5, and 6
Take off these spark plug wires like you did the first three
Use a rachet, long extention, and a 13/16" spark plug socket (has a rubber grip inside the socket) to remove all the spark plugs
Spark plugs picture 1
Spark plugs picture 2
Spark plugs picture 3
Now for the compression test part. Remove the ignition coil wire from the distributor
Buy / borrow / or somehow obtain a compression tester like this one.
The service manual doesn't say anything about removing the EFI fuse, but I did it anyway just so it won't be spraying gas into my nice new compression tester while I'm cranking the motor :)
Just to be sure the fuel pump wouldn't run with that fuse gone, I turned the ignition to on and shorted +B and Fp on the diagnosis connector. Normally with the fuse in, this would turn on the fuel pump while the car is off, so you can listen and make sure you hear fuel flowing through the fuel pressure regulator.
Compression tester hooked up to cylinder one.To check compression, hook up a tester like shown in this picture. Be sure all spark plugs are gone, and you disconnect the distributor from the coil as pictured above. Push down the accelerator pedal all the way and crank the motor for about 5 seconds. It's going to sound a little something like this (mp3 format). Record all results. If your compression varies 14 or more PSI per cylinder, you're loosing compression somewhere. Also, the minimum PSI for each cylinder is 128 PSI. The books calls for 164 PSI as normal, so I think my gauge might be off, or I'm just lucky.
Cylinder one test one came in right at 195 PSI. Who needs boost?? :-)
Hmm, this ain't right.
Upon retest, everything was back to normal. Crank for several seconds, folks!
Install Spark Plugs! Torque to 12 foot pounds. Also bolt the throttle cables back down.
Engine bay shot: make sure you didn't leave anything laying around.
Engine bay shot 2: My Christmas present from my Grandmother this year was my fiberglass hood insulator :-) Ask an ye shall receive!!!

Me bouncing off the rev limiter - 4-18-2001

Well that's it for now.