Pictures of the DD (Dirty Differential!)
I drained the old junk first, without thinking about how to get new oil back in.  I knew I had to open the fill plug, and I knew I had the right deep impact socket and impact wrench.  However, I just didn't realize that the impact wrench would not fit in that space between the differential and the gas tank.  Oh woes me..  I finally solved this delimma by removing the end piece of the differential.  Pics below!
The old oil stunk so bad, we had to leave and come back after we got some fresh air.  Think of 12 year old severely burnt oil and metal shavings in a thick sludgy goo.  Well, that's what came out!  And in went 1.2 quarts of Royal Purple gear oil, 75w90.. aww yeah, after cleaning what I could of the differential.  The parts cleaner came in real handy tonight.

Work area
Differential, no cap
Still getting closer, looking at bottom
Too close.  Looking at top section.
Last shot

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